RV & Headie One – DRILLERS X TRAPPERS II (2019) – Drillers x Trappers II is once more hot Album Unleashed By Two Great Artist Named RV and Headie One.

Adjei experienced childhood with the “notorious” Broadwater Farm lodging domain in Tottenham. He is of Ghanaian root. His moniker gets from a youth epithet because of his head’s likeness to a 50p coin. He initially started rapping in his initial teenagers, however just started concentrating on it after his first discharge from jail.

He started discharging music in the mid 2010s under the name Headz, including as a major aspect of a gathering named Star Gang. Additionally part of the gathering was individual Tottenham rapper RV – he and Headie One wound up successive associates, including co-discharging the mixtapes Sticks and Stones (2016) and Drillers and Trappers (2017). Together they framed piece of OFB, a drill group situated in the Broadwater Farm home.

In February 2018 Headie One discharged his introduction solo mixtape, The One. This included “Know Better” with RV, which turned into an “underground hit”. In May he was highlighted on “Missing”, a Belly Squad track that topped at number 84 on the UK Singles Chart. This was trailed by another performance mixtape, The One Two, in June 2018, which entered the UK Albums Chart at number 32. In January 2019 his single “18HUNNA”, highlighting Dave, entered the UK diagram at number 6 – the most noteworthy a UK drill craftsman has ever graphed.


Headie One has been detained multiple times, including for managing rocks and heroin. In January 2018 he was apparently assaulted by adversaries at the University of Bedfordshire. A video of the attack was posted on Snapchat and after that YouTube, bringing about a “hard and fast pack war.”

In March of that year his show at the Barbican Center was closed somewhere near the Metropolitan Police. The police had already “singled out” his music regarding rising blade wrongdoing in London. In a meeting in April, he guaranteed that “Just a trick would state that drill music is the foundation of the issue of brutality in the capital.”


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