ALBUM: Leiva – Nuclear


Nuclear is another hot Album Dropped By Leiva.

Leiva was raised in the territory of Alameda de Osuna, in the upper east provincial territories of Madrid. His remarkable love of football joined with its strong likeness to Leivinha, the Brazilian footballer, who around then played for Atlético de Madrid earned him the designation Leiva. He would later use it as his stage name.

In Pereza

His first melodic activity was in 1994, as he ended up being a bit of the Malahierba band in which he was a drummer. In 1998 he molded a trio accumulate as one with Rubén Pozo and drummer Tuli with the desire for making spread types of Leño. As such Malahierba would progress and transform into the band Pereza. The band released its presentation accumulation in 2001, yet missing much accomplishment. From the second gathering, Algo para cantar in 2003, the advancement transformed into a group of Leiva and Ruben. With Animales in 2005, they expanded mind blowing refinement and joined their circumstance as a champion among the most basic Spanish pop melodic groups. Pereza had three extra accumulations, Los amigos de los animales in 2006, Aproximaciones in 2007 and Aviones in 2009.

Solo calling

The couple split in September 2011 with Leiva continuing as an act craftsman, lyricist and entertainer.

The primary solo gathering of Leiva was Diciembre (2012), that was self-made and got positive reviews and concedes, for instance, the Rolling Stone Award for best accumulation of the year and two Latin Grammy assignments.

In January 2014 Leiva turned out with his second solo accumulation, titled Pólvora, a co-age with the Spanish craftsman Carlos Raya and Joe Blaney as soundman.

The two accumulations have exhibited uncommonly productive with Leiva releasing three singles laying out singles on the Spanish singles feature, and diagramming in PROMUSICAE outlines, explicitly “Eme”, “Afuera en la ciudad” and “Terriblemente Cruel” the last two making it to positions 6 and 5 separately on the Spanish charts. ‘Eme’ is a tune which was dedicated to Michelle Jenner after a serious division. The vocalist express the left of her sweetheart, his suppositions and his insights, believing that she would return.

In 2016 Leiva turned out with “Monstruos”. Is a record in which he clears up the mammoths the ordinary social sentiments of anxiety at rest time.

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